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Signed King Chadbourne Cover Series 11 Eyes of the Dragon
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Overlook Newsletter 4-21-2012

Visit the New Webstore at the Overlook Connection Ghosts, Burton, A Cape, and a Touch of King!
In This Issue: April 21st, 2012 
•   Ghost Brothers - THUMBS UP! The Cape takes OFF! King Photo in SKUU!
•   The Coven by Edward Lee - Signed Limited LONG OUT OF PRINT!
•   Joe Hill's CAPE2 - 8 Covers! 1st Printing Set! Publisher OOP on 2 Issues!
•   ARRIVED TODAY! Fangoria No. 313 - Double Sided Cover! Only $1 Shipping!
Ghost Brothers - THUMBS UP! The Cape takes OFF! King Photo in SKUU!
Ghost Brothers - THUMBS UP! The Cape takes OFF! King Photo in SKUU!

Yes, it's true.. we attended the premiere of Stephen King and John Mellencamp's musical play The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County last week. The play, the music, and production by T. Bone Burnett (which really set's the mood) was especially good. The last song before intermission, "Burn That Cabin Down," was just fantastic. With nineteen actors on stage singing this strong song, with the "Shape" (aka the Devil) mixing in between them, and a firey red moving backdrop, it was something to see. If you get a chance to visit Atlanta to see the production do. It's here at the Alliance Theater until May 13th.

We were able to attend the after party too, where uncle Stevie showed up - as you can see him with the Overlook crew here. I have over 30 photos up from the night on Facebook and you can click here to see them. I'm working on my blog review from the night but I'm not finished - somebody's gotta work around here to pay for these shindigs :-).

I will say I was never so proud as when I was able to introduce my wife and son, and the Overlook crew of Gene and Mandy to Steve. It was a wonderful night. I'll post the blog soon but check out the photos!

THE CAPE 2 SET HAS SHIPPED! All initial orders are now out and on the way. You can still order a complete set of 8 covers of this release from the Overlook. However the publisher has 2 issues already out of print before publication so this is your last chance to get a complete set before they're gone!

I asked Rocky if he wouldn't mind if I held the book up a bit to re-work the dust jacket to include a photo of him and Stephen King at the premiere party for The Ghost Brother's of Darkland County in Atlanta. This particular photo, taken by the lovely Donna Girard (thank you Donna!) shows a jubulant King and Wood and is only printed on the limited (not the trade edition).

With that in mind I'm offering a last chance on the Signed Limited of Stephen King: Uncollected; Unpublished. We're almost sold out of the signed 300 copies at this point, so don't hesitate to pick up a copy. Again, funds from this printing go to Rocky Wood's medical fund. Order here:

The World's Oldest Teenager Has Left the Building... and we say goodbye to Dick Clark, who passed away this week from a heart attack. From American Bandstand to the many other TV shows that Dick Clark produced I think most of us will remember him for Bandstand. Cue Barry Manilow...
And... we also lost Levon Helm from The Band and the man that played Patsy Cline's father in Coal Miner's Daughter. Good artist and musician who will be missed.

Remember.. We All Shine On!

Dave Hinchberger
Owner, Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press


See Photos on The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County at the Alliance Theatre HERE!
See More Pics from the Premiere Night of The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County HERE!
Joe Hill's CAPE2 - 8 Covers! 1st Printing Set! Publisher OOP on 2 Issues!
THE CAPE - 2. by Joe Hill.


This is for the 8 Cover set (each issue features 2 original covers)

The publisher is now Out Of Print on 2 of these issues and already collector's items due to the demand.

Ordering from the Overlook Guarantees a Complete 1st Printing Set!

by Joe Hill & Jason Ciaramella (w) o Zach Howard (a) o Howard, Nelson Daniel (c)

OVERVIEW: A line has been crossed. After years of failure, Eric has finally found something he's good at, and is determined to let the world know. The follow-up to December's critically acclaimed, quickly sold-out one-shot, this new miniseries is again written by Jason Ciaramella and Joe Hill, with art by Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel. Explore your dark side.

This set Guarantees the Following:

== Each issue features 2 covers - A & B - this includes a total of 8 issues to complete this set.

== Each issue is covered in an acid-free cover with backing boards.

== #39.79 + shipping

2011-2012 IDW. New and sealed since publication.


Order THE CAPE 2 at the Overlook HERE!
1st Printing & Complete Set of THE CAPE 2 - A & B Covers - 8 Issue Set Order HERE!
ARRIVED TODAY! Fangoria No. 313 - Double Sided Cover! Only $1 Shipping!

Dark Shadows Movie Issue with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

Double sided cover!

Reduced Shipping at only $1 and included in the price!


FEATURE: “THE THEATRE BIZARRE” The shock omnibus has literally knocked out international audiences.

INTERVIEW: JENNY AGUTTER Love meant never having to say you’re furry for the “American Werewolf in London” actress.

ON SET: “MOTHER’S DAY” The setting is more civilized in this remake, but what goes on inside it sure isn’t.

PREVIEW: “THE RAVEN” Everyone loves digging into Edgar Allan Poe, especially John Cusack, playing the author as detective.

RETROSPECTIVE: “GOTHIC,” PART TWO Actor Julian Sands was willingly swept away into Ken Russell’s cinematic dementia.

INTERVIEW: MARIE WALLACE She wore many faces—most of them crazed—as she took multiple roles in TV’s “Dark Shadows.”

PREVIEW: “DARK SHADOWS”: HELENA BONHAM CARTER Her on- and offscreen partnership with Tim Burton now leads her to Collinwood.

PREVIEW: “SOUTH TEXAS BLUES,” PART FOUR More of our advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano’s “Chainsaw” comic.

PREVIEW: “DARK SHADOWS”: TIM BURTON He’s done ghosts, apes and a headless horseman, so it’s about time he tackled vampires.

PREVIEW: “DARK SHADOWS”: RICHARD D. ZANUCK A producing career highlighted by “Jaws” now sees him entering the world of fangs.

PREVIEW: “TERROR OF DRACULA” As the title suggests, this grassroots feature wants to put the fear back into bloodsucking.

INTERVIEW: RONNIE SCRIBNER As a junior “ ’Salem’s Lot” ghoul, he elicited TV terror before his teens.

PREVIEW: “TALES OF POE” Indie filmmakers Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly wring new twists on 19th-century stories.

DIARY OF THE DEB: “WON TON BABY!” In a Chinese restaurant, Debbie discovers some serious bad taste.

PREVIEW: “THE WICKER TREE” Robin Hardy returns to pagan territory, but this is no mere rehash of “The Wicker Man.”

INTERVIEW: PATTY McCORMACK Her perfectly evil child in “The Bad Seed” was a model for decades of bad kids to follow.

LIFE IN THE BOX: “HELLRAISER” The first installment of a multipart chat with Doug Bradley recalls his first Cenobite of Clive Barker’s mythology.

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: PATRICK REA Pulling together a feature involving a hungry monster and a raging storm was quite a “Nailbiter.”

$9.99 - includes shipping!


Oder FANGORIA 313 at the Overlook HERE!
ONLY $1 Shipping!  FANGORIA No. 313 - Order HERE!
The Coven by Edward Lee - Signed Limited LONG OUT OF PRINT!
COVEN. by Edward Lee.


OVERVIEW: Born in darkness, they arise. Seductive angels of murder, madness, and horrors beyond imagining. COVEN Bathed in moonlight, they feed their darkest hungers in a festival of perversion and death, demented orgies that serve a cruel, unspeakable will... COVEN They are irresistible sirens in black, corrupting the living and raising the dead. Now the silent town of Exham will surrender to their loving embrace, their haunting beauty, and their ravenous need for human flesh. Surrender--and die... COVEN Beauty is only skin deep. More like a revved-up gross-out ‘70s B-movie, COVEN revels in its ultimate editorial no-no: it’s science-fiction dropped into a contemporary horror plot, something that horror editors seem to never buy. Maybe this one sold...because it works. Originally entitled THE WOMEN IN BLACK, this "turgid," original take on the There’s Something Fucked-Up At The College plot highlights Lee’s gross-out skills early on and demonstrates that pulp horror writers really can create fresh, well-developed, easy-to-realize characters. Cameos of Lee’s then-favorite beers--during his beer-snob days--appear in abundance, and Lovecraftian symbols abound (it’s fun just picking them out), but wait till you meets the gals in this book.

== $39.90 + shipping

List price of $45.00, and going for a lot more on collector sites! Special price for a limited time.


Order THE COVEN Signed Limited HERE!
REDUCED! Edward Lee's THE COVEN Signed Limited Edition for a limited time HERE!
= FOREIGN SHIPPING - Please inquire about delivery rates for any items here and we will send you a PayPal invoice.
= Our order form accepts credit cards securely thru PayPal. You can also mail in your check or money order as noted on the site. Any questions, please let us know.

TRACKING YOUR OWN ORDERS: Only orders placed at the Overlook "web store" can be tracked. In our e-mail flyers you can place orders quickly by clicking the paypal link, but these orders are placed offline in our master system. We place all orders in our master system, which is offline.
TO TRACK orders and / or reserve books please place your order online. If you wish to reserve a title put "Please Reserve For Me" in the memo field when checking out and do not complete payment. We'll notify you when funds are due. I hope this helps. Any questions, please let us know.

Thank you and "We All Shine On!"

PO BOX 1934
Hiram GA 30141
PHONE: 678-567-9777
Web:  Overlook Connection Webstore - Visit HERE!
This article was published on Friday 20 April, 2012.
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